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Automator Participate in AIREXPO SHANGHAI


The technologies’ range is extraordinary: YVO4@1060 is very powerful as well as very economical; a-Wave-Tech™ has auto-frequency regulation; all the other laser marking technologies, such as CO2, Green, Intra, UV and YVO4@1064 are very easy touse and versatile in all kind of marking need.
Laser marking technology is the highest in terms of quality and flexibility. It is used for marking all types of industrial surfaces, marking codes such as Datamatrix and QR-Codes, marking and decorate products.
The three major characteristics of laser marking is that:
1.   Laser is permanent, therefore once your products are laser-marked, the mark will stay on the product for its entire life-cycle;
2.   Laser is indelible, it will not come off with the industrial liquids, detergents and water during the product life-cycle;
3.   Laser is non-counterfeitable,so you can be sure that the product will never be exchanged for a copy.
Have a look at the materials that can be marked with our solutions.
These are some of the laser applications.   
Automatoris present all over the world.
Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition (namely AIREXPO SHANGHAI) has been successfully held for five times since 2005. And To promote the development of Civil Aviation Industry, Business Aviation and General Aviation Industry, the 6th AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2018 will be held in National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai) on May 14-16, 2018. We hope this exhibition will build an international, professional and effective platform of products and services show, trade negotiations, technology exchanges and policy interpretation in China for the professions from civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation and aerospace industry in Chinese to promote the healthy development of Chinese aerospace industry and international cooperation.
To book a booth or for more information, please contact
Contact Person: Vera Bi
Phone: 86-21-6162 9719 ext. 827


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