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Aviation MRO market crisis and opportunities coexist, aircraft passenger to cargo growing strong under the epidemic situation


At a press conference on the joint defense and control mechanism of the state council on March 29, civil aviation administration of China development planning department ZhangQing, said COVID - 19 cases make China's international air cargo meet severe challenges, the civil aviation administration of China vigorously increase air freight capacity supply measures such as, to ensure stable during the outbreak of the international air cargo supply chain.
Under the impact of the epidemic, China's international air cargo has encountered severe challenges, the capacity of passenger plane belly cabin cargo has been greatly reduced, the international cargo network access has been weakened, the aviation logistics chain has been impacted.
With the continuous improvement of the domestic situation of epidemic prevention and control, the improvement of the utilization rate of all freighters and the introduction of relevant supporting policies and measures, the shortage of China's international air cargo capacity will be alleviated to some extent. International all-cargo flights between Chinese and foreign airlines will now be increased to 930 a week, close to pre-epidemic levels.


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