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Under the impact of epidemic, COMAC's C919 development and production speed has accelerated.


On March 24, during the global epidemic, COMAC's C919 completed a flight thrust test flight in Dongying, Shandong. This shows that the flight forensics of C919 is accelerating.
“The test data obtained through the flight thrust determination test flight can allow us to fully grasp the fuel consumption characteristics and thrust performance of the engine, which is of great significance for subsequent confirmation and optimization of the overall performance of the aircraft.” says YOU Liyan,  COMAC, Deputy Director of Project Center. 
Currently, six (C919) test flights are being carried out in Dongying, Nanchang and Xi 'an at the same time. According to the plan, airworthiness certificates will be obtained in 2021 and the aircraft will be delivered in 2022.
In addition, the final assembly and manufacture of 02 C919 large passenger aircraft fatigue testing machines have been completed, and the project team is carrying out modification design, test loading equipment production and test bench installation, etc., to prepare for the fatigue test.
According to COMAC's forecasts, the Chinese market is expected to deliver 9,008 airliners worth more than 9 trillion Yuan in the next 20 years, averaging about 450 billion Yuan a year. In the future, the aviation market will be gradually opened to domestic enterprises after the market space exceeds 2.7 trillion Yuan for maintenance and engineering services.
The research and development of large aircraft can not only promote the major progress of many basic disciplines, but also promote group breakthroughs in key technologies such as new materials, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronic information, automatic control and computer, and stimulate the development of many high-tech industries.


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