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Aviation MRO market crisis and opportunities coexist, aircraft passenger to cargo growing strong under the epidemic situation


At a press conference on the joint defense and control mechanism of the state council on March 29, civil aviation administration of China development planning department ZhangQing, said COVID - 19 cases make China's international air cargo meet severe challenges, the civil aviation administration of China vigorously increase air freight capacity supply measures such as, to ensure stable during the outbreak of the international air cargo supply chain. Under the impact of the epidemic, China's international air cargo has encountered severe challenges, the capacity of passenger plane belly cabin cargo has been greatly reduced, the international cargo network access has been weakened, the aviation logistics chain has been impacted. With the continuous improvement of the domestic situation of epidemic prevention and control, the improvement of the utilization rate of all freighters and the introduction of relevant supporting policies and measures, the shortage of China's international air cargo capacity will be alleviated to some extent. International all-cargo flights between Chinese and foreign airlines will now be increased to 930 a week, close to pre-epidemic levels.

At 12:03 am on March 16, Air China flight CA925 carrying 9.8 tons of 1,634 pieces of anti-epidemic goods including masks, protective clothing and disinfection gel, landed smoothly at Tokyo Narita Airport. On March 17, Air China also used the belly capacity of CA925 and CA125 flights to transport a total of 18.3 tons of epidemic prevention materials to Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. Around the transfer of epidemic prevention goods and air transport support work, China cargo airlines customized exclusive guarantee scheme to ensure the efficient over inspection of goods, after the careful deployment of all links, ensure the goods transport efficiently.

China Eastern Airlines

As the main carrier of Chinese anti-epidemic materials for Italy, China Eastern Airlines has carried the first, second and third batches of Chinese anti-epidemic medical teams and related materials to Italy. In the early morning of March 24, a China Eastern A330 "cargo plane" carrying a batch of emergency medical supplies took off from Shanghai Pudong airport for Europe. A few days ago, it was a passenger plane, in order to make full use of the fuselage space, carrying enough medical supplies, on March 21, Eastern Airlines Technic carried out an emergency "passenger to cargo" modification of two A330 aircraft, providing a prerequisite for the transport of anti-epidemic supplies.
China Southern Airlines

At 12:03 Beijing time on February 24, a China Southern Airlines B777F full cargo carrying 41.2 tons of epidemic prevention goods took off from Sydney, is expected to arrive in Wuhan, Hubei province at 21:26. This is the first time China Southern Airlines carry out overseas direct flights to Wuhan of all cargo flights since the outbreak of the epidemic.
With the orderly progress of the resumption of production and work, China Southern Airlines all cargo flights have been fully resumed in mid-February. According to statistics, as of February 24, China Southern Airlines has carried 183,993 pieces of aid goods and 2,328 tons from 65 stations at home and abroad. China Southern Airlines said it will continue to unclog its "air artery", make full use of its cargo fleet and route network to keep the green passage for epidemic prevention and relief goods unblocked 24 hours a day.
In order to meet the growing needs of transport medical supplies, other international airlines like Delta Airlines restarted some fixed flights between the United States and China to carry out cargo missions. Last week, Delta Airlines operated flights between Dublin and Atlanta, Los Angeles and Sydney to transport badly needed supplies. The new cargo charter service makes full use of some of the aircraft that might otherwise be sitting idle, providing a safe and reliable air service for vital supplies that can be sent efficiently around the world. Since March 30, Qatar airways has become the first middle eastern airline to resume all in-flight cargo services on the Chinese mainland, leveraging the flexibility and reliability of its deployment of more than 250 aircraft to support the development of China's aviation logistics industry. On March 31, Air New Zealand's first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner arrived at Shanghai Pudong international airport with full cargo. The return to the Chinese market marks the official start of Air New Zealand's "passenger cargo transfer" mode.
At present, many airlines in the America, Europe and Asia have adopted the passenger plane to freight. Among them, Civil Aviation Administration of China, while repeatedly tightening the total number of international passenger flights, also stressed that airlines can use passenger aircraft to carry out all cargo flights, not included in the total number of passenger flights, opened a "green light" for the freight market.
Under the epidemic situation, the aviation MRO market crisis and opportunities co-exist, and the aircraft passenger cargo is growing strong. The 8th Shanghai international aerospace technology and equipment exhibition which is focus on the MRO field will be held in the Shanghai new international expo center from June 16 to 18, 2021. Shanghai show will bear witness to China's aviation industry strongly counter attack under the epidemic situation.


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