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China Eastern technical repair base for pudong united B - 777 aircraft renewal work


China Civil Aviation News: On April 16, China Eastern Airlines Pudong Maintenance Base successfully completed the re-issue of a United Airlines B-777 aircraft. This is the first time that the Pudong maintenance base has completed the re-issuance of large-scale wide-body machines for third-party customers. The mission once again demonstrates the maintenance level of China Eastern Airlines technology and international standards, and has established a good brand image.In order to ensure the smooth completion of this re-issuance work, the Pudong maintenance base inspection and maintenance department began to arrange related work one week ahead of schedule, and the experienced project manager Yuan Yu was appointed as the project manager of the work. Make adequate preparations for maintenance personnel arrangements, tooling equipment, technical materials, etc., to ensure that personnel configuration corresponds to the key nodes of the replacement work, and fully ensure the efficient promotion of the replacement work.
On April 12th, the tractors in the third workshop of the Boeing Inspection Department of the Inspection and Maintenance Department were in place early, waiting for the United Airlines aircraft to arrive at the maintenance rig, and smoothly entered the hangar under the command of the project manager. All the maintenance personnel were in place. Close cooperation, officially kicked off the reissue work...During the process of launching, the person in charge of each project checks the site work level, and the key positions such as the front part, the tail part and the upper part of the engine are closely monitored by experienced maintenance backbones. Under the unified command of the project manager, the lifting points are closely coordinated. The engine is steadily rising and one step is in place. Then the maintenance personnel completed the work of disassembling the hanger, restoring the connection, and installing the tail spray in an orderly manner. After the leak detection, trimming and corresponding test procedures, the re-issuing work was successfully completed.
During the five-day re-issue work, the excellent maintenance capability, superb business level and rigorous work style of China Eastern Airlines Pudong Maintenance Base won the affirmation and praise of United Airlines, demonstrating the consistent professionalism of China Eastern Airlines. Pudong Maintenance Base will continuously summarize the valuable experience accumulated in the third-party business work, and gather its own advantages, form internal synergy, improve maintenance quality, and make new contributions to the development of “world-class” MRO enterprises by CEA.


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