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“One Certificate Multiple Sites” – A New Mode for MRO Outstation Operation


Nov. 13, 2013
On Nov 11, 2013, as visited by Deputy Director of Flight Standard Dept of CAAC, Mr. ZHOU Kaixuan, and the officers from Central and Southern Regional Administration of CAAC (abbreviate as C&S Regional Administration), GAMECO was granted with the “One Certificate, Multiple Sites”  approval to extend its maintenance capability in Shanghai, which is the first one granted by CAAC in such a way. Under such approval, GAMECO maintenance service can extend to other locations other than Guangzhou city, GAMECO main business site. The coming policy for “One Certificate, Multiple Sites” will promote the development of airlines and MROs.
 “One Certificate, Multiple Sites” policy allows the MRO to carry out maintenance in different locations specified on one certificate and under the control of its management. To support China Southern Airlines line maintenance in Shanghai and develop domestic / international business, GAMECO applied for the additional maintenance site in Shanghai Pudong under one CAAC certificate this July.
GAMECO is granted with B777F line maintenance and the C check(excluded) capability in Shanghai this time. GAMECO prepared sufficiently for the application establishing “Shanghai Maintenance Station Management Program” as the compliance document to specify responsibilities with Guangzhou the main station and guide the implementation of maintenance management manual and procedures. The management program describes the management of responsibilities, facilities, tooling / equipment, maintenance process quality control, maintenance record / reporting and describes safety & quality management. For the particular project, GAMECO has nominated Shanghai Project Manager to be responsible for Shanghai operation as well.
Based on GAMECO capability / management and the coming AC-145-16 “MRO Outstation Maintenance”(pending), agreed and supported by East China Regional Administration of CAAC, C&S Regional Administration recommended CAAC assess the feasibility of AC-145-16 reviewing GAMECO trial operation of the new approval method. CAAC General Adminstration approved the application and assigned C&S Regional Administration to conduct the audit of GAMECO.
C&S Regional Administration Airworthiness & Maintenance Division established the surveillance program, audit procedure and checklist, and an audit team was founded with members from C&S Regional Administration, East China Regional Administration, CAAC Guangdong Safety Supervision Bureau, Shanghai Safety Supervision Bureau. Documentation audit in Guangzhou from Sep 24-26 and specific on-site audit in Shanghai from Oct 8-9 were conducted according to CCAR145 and newly developed checklist.
As civil aviation industry develops, domestic large airlines are establishing airport hubs requiring subordinated MROs to provide aircraft line and base maintenance service in different cities, and large MROs also wish to expand their domestic market with additional maintenance sites, which requires CAAC administrations to coordinate and reform surveillance and conduct effective audit to ensure flight safety and achieve higher maintenance quality.
With such background, GAMECO won the first approval of “One Certificate, Multiple Site” endeavoring to the cooperation with CAAC in the past two years. GAMECO’s trial operation of multiple sites maintenance will provide reference for CAAC rule-making and standardize outstation maintenance definitely.

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