Exhibitors Definition

Major exhibits
• MRO: Airframe missile detection, routes missile detection ,engine missile detection, engine repair and overhaul, aircraft parts maintenance, jet cargo aircraft technology and equipment, aircraft structural repair and modification, in-flight equipment and supplies, etc.
• Material: new material and second-hand material, PMA parts, material library, consumable parts, aircraft spare parts, engine spare parts, the main and spare parts of the body repair, composites, lubricating oil, the paint, Personal safety protection products, etc.
• Equipment tools: The hangar, Database maintenance engineering and technical support and solutions, measuring and testing equipment, maintenance equipment and tools, monitoring equipment and instruments, airport ground service equipment, particular special vehicles, Logistics delivery system and the processing equipment, the boarding bridge, ladder, elevator, lift, auxiliary power (APU) devices, ground support equipment, aircraft cleaning and deicing equipment, etc.
• Aviation electronic and electric: aviation electronics and airborne equipment, air power and special equipment, communications equipment, the cockpit audio video equipment, in-flight entertainment system, aviation general tools and equipment, avionics, communications, navigation, radar and video systems etc.
• Information technology: Aviation information and technology equipment; intelligent information system; aviation information and software systems; security equipment.
• Training and service: Pilot training, flight technical service personnel and maintenance personnel training, training facilities and training software and hardware system, simulated training equipment etc.
•Government departments, inspection departments and aviation development research departments.
•Airlines, airport operators, MRO enterprises and related departments and organizations
•Aircraft manufacturing enterprises, engine manufacturing enterprises and OEM and related departments and organizations
•Parts suppliers, system supporting and integration enterprises, agents, distributors and related departments and organizations
•Information system suppliers, software developers, aviation services suppliers and related departments and organizations
•Import and export enterprises, finance and investment organization, consults and related service organization.
•Aviation research organization, institution, aviation colleges, high-tech industry zone and related service organization
•Aviation industry related researchers, associations and other related professionals and Medias
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